Conscientious Translation

        I created Lamplight Translations to provide clear and accurate translations, faithfully crafting English from French by lamplight. Whether your business has clients in a Francophone country, or you're a French video game company expanding into the global market, I will deliver a product that meets your needs in a conscientious and thorough way.

French-to-English Translation


Anyone looking for translation services needs something understood or communicated, and I am deeply aware of my clients' need for a translation that accurately conveys the intended message.

To that end, I examine several factors while translating or editing:

  • Target audience
  • Style
  • Tone
  • Formatting requirements
  • Terminology consistency

Feel free to contact me about rates (subject to variation depending on content and time frame) by visiting the Contact page.


I'm John Marston and I translate from French to English. Visit Services for more details.